Big Sums Professional
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Big Sums Professional is the Accident Investigators Software choice of the professional.

....Released as Freeware....

The program was written by a UK accident investigator - so it does what it needs to do. It was not produced to make money - it was produced to be better than all of the available software. We've now made it freeware.

That is why it performs the calculation required in the day-to-day reconstruction of accidents. It includes the tools required to do the job - conversion factors, vehicle specifications and the ability to view a range of results based on a single input.

All of the results can be saved to the integral word processor. It is used by investigators around the world (USA, Australia, mainland Europe as well as the UK) Big Sums Professional 2.1 is already being worked on!

Don't forget that this program will do what you need it to - if it doesn't let us know and we'll make every effort to include your required feature in the next version, just us to let us know what should be added / altered.

Thank you, and please look around at the screen shots and download the demo.

If you can't download exe's or need and alternative to a full program you might like to consider Isahgenius, an excel spreadsheet available also for the Pocket PC, click here for the full 'readme', or proceed to the download page to get your own copy!

New Pad Cut, Copy and Paste Calculator Conversions WHY? Vehicle specs. Get.... Program launch